From the Countryside to Botticelli

Tuscany… a unique territory… that embraces art! Tuscany…. Vineyards and olive groves adorning magnificent hills…living in nature.

The Olive Trees… prestigious varieties including lush frantoio, leccino, moraiolo… the classic blend of Tuscan IGP oil. Extraordinary vineyards… sangiovese, merlot, cabernet franc and many others… a red wine known worldwide.

The landscape… rich in flora and fauna… an exemplary biodiversity! Art… open your eyes and dream… the Renaissance at every turn… in every city and every village.

The Montecatini Thermal Baths, UNESCO Heritage

Montecatini is a complete tourist destination, with a wide range of hotels, restaurants and shops, which makes it perfect for both a short break and a longer stay. Visitors can experience the charm of a traditional spa town, immerse themselves in the surrounding natural beauty and enjoy the delicious Tuscan cuisine. In short, Montecatini offers an unforgettable tourist experience for those seeking relaxation, culture and scenic beauty.

Thermal Baths

The water of the Montecatini Thermal Baths has been appreciated by Romans and their guests since ancient times. The development of the city took place during the reign of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Pietro Leopoldo, who built “the baths” and erected a magnificent access avenue. But it was during the 20th century that the architect Giulio Bernardini completed an extraordinary work by transforming Montecatini into a true spa city. In 2021, the “Tettuccio” thermal establishment became a UNESCO Heritage site, recognising what we take such pride in sharing with our guests.

Wines and Gastronomy

Tuscany is a renowned culinary and wine epicenter worldwide. Its wines, including Chianti and Brunello, are iconic due to their very distinct characteristics. Tuscan cuisine is a celebration of gustatory simplicity and the quality of local ingredients. Dishes like “ribollita,” a soup made of bread and vegetables, and “bistecca alla fiorentina,” a thick grilled beef steak, embody Tuscan culinary tradition. Cheeses like “pecorino” with olive oil are pillars of the local gastronomy. Tuscany offers an extraordinary gastronomic experience that delights gourmets worldwide.

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