Extra Virgin Olive Oil

E.V.O Oil


Oil, a product born from nature, from our ancestral lands. Quantity is not a specialty of Tuscany… but quality is! We guarantee Tuscan and organic IGP oil! Acidity below 0.2%… polyphenols exceeding 400 mg/kg! Even used for dermatological purposes due to its unique properties.

A velvety flavor, suitable for accompanying the most refined dishes! Taste it, and you’ll make it your own! A unique taste experience that will remain in your heart.

"An excellent oil, with many nuances"

The Olive Grove

Terra Volonteri is also home to the source of olive oil, our own IGP Tuscano organic olive oil. Perched on the gentle hillside surrounding the Villa, over 300 olive trees quietly grow and ripen around you… Our nearby second site in Montespertoli, a region traditionally dedicated to vineyards and olive oil production, now hosts 900 olive trees.

Looking to the future, in 2022, Terra Volonteri planted over 400 new olive trees on the two sites, an investment to promote regional agriculture and ensure a future for the generations to come.

Olive Harvest

Loving the Olive Trees! And making them flourish through organic farming! To protect and defend them from insects… kaolin (plaster)… no chemical products! To whiten the olive trees and keep insects away! Olive trees that resemble a snowy Christmas… The harvest is gentle to avoid weakening the tree! It is carried out lovingly by small electric “hands” used by man as if they were his own. The harvest is then stored in small crates to prevent the olives from getting damaged and deteriorating, and is immediately transported to the press to capture its full potential… Take care…the olive must not be hot… that’s the quality of the oil!


An excellent oil needs the right pressing to deserve the IGP OLIO TOSCANO designation!
Here’s how we do it: pressing Slow… Cold… in the evening to promote the lowest possible temperature… Extraction with local machines adapted to our Tuscan oil. Filtration, to obtain the quintessential characteristicsand intrinsic quality of the oil: more aromas, low acidity, a significant amount of polyphenols. Careful cleaning throughout all phases of production… join us during this exciting, magical moment of the olive pressing: a guaranteed spectacle!

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